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We provide the tools you need to get it done.

  • Don't trust the sale of your plane to a high priced broker
  • Don't give it away to a dealer
  • Don't auction it off
  • Don't sell it alone
  • You don't have to!

We work with only top rated advertisers to get your plane sold even if you already have it listed for sale.

We make your ads work better by providing services that go well beyond generating inquiries.

The Process


Use our online survey to describe your plane.

Select your advertising package

Respond to specific questions

Meet the buyer at your airport to complete the sale


We take care of all the hard stuff so you don't have to!

Benefits and Features


  • Quick and easy sale
  • Full market sale price
  • Simple to use
  • Safe and secure transaction
  • Low cost
  • Maintain possesion of aircraft



System Features


  • Interactive website for your plane
  • Free market evaluation
  • Immediate cash offer option
  • Private email with auto-responder
  • Advertising management
  • Buyer screening
  • Lead management
  • Unlimited sales consultation
  • Buyer deposit collection
  • Sale documentation preperation

Gain access to all the benefits and features


Cost of our service:

$99 Activation Fee


2% of the sales price

Minimum $2,000*


Cost of advertising

*All sales in excess of $100,000 fee is 2% of final sale price.

Activate your account today and lock in our limited time pricing!

If we can't sell your plane, you owe we will even refund your activation fee!


You may cancel service at any time.

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Is our program right for you?

Virtual Airplane Broker is the only way to sell your plane. It puts maximum dollars in your pocket, and is simple to do. The question is not if, but rather when the program is right for you. There is no logical reason not to use Virtual Airplane Broker's services to sell your plane when you are ready.

Who are we?

Virtual Airplane Broker, LLC is a cutting edge company located in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to serving aircraft owners. Our web- based service is revolutionary and has never been available before. It enables owners to sell their aircraft quicker, easier and for more money than any other method. The company was founded by a team of aviation professionals that understands the elements of a successful aircraft sale as well as web developers with knowledge of how to merge those elements into an online platform that is easy to use.


Why are we here?

General aviation has been plagued with problems for many years. A decline in aircraft values coupled with industry inefficiencies has caused airplane owners to have great difficulty selling their planes for reasonable prices. Until now the choices have been limited, either sell cheap through a dealer or broker, or spend countless hours attempting to sell privately. Virtual Airplane Broker has solved this dilemma by offering a new option that focuses on what is best for aircraft owners.


What do we do for you?

We do not just list your plane for sale and stop there like advertisers do. We assist you throughout the entire process of selling your plane, starting with the decision to sell or not, and continuing until the sale has been completed. We provide you the same resources that large aircraft sales companies use including their closely guarded secrets.


How does our service work?

Create an account and put us to work for you. All features of our service will be available as long as it takes for your plane to sell. Complete the online survey to provide details about your plane, select an advertising package and activate your listing. We will then create a customized, interactive website for your plane, submit and manage your advertising, provide potential buyers details about your plane and prequalify them. When a qualified buyer is located, we will collect a deposit from them and prepare sale paperwork for you. You will then need to be available to meet the buyer at your airport to complete the transaction and get paid.


Spend less time selling your airplane and get more money. It's a no brainer.

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