Our Story

Virtual Airplane Broker is a Los Angeles, CA based company dedicated to serving aircraft owners all over the country. Our goal is to help as many aircraft owners as we can by giving them a new option when it comes to selling their planes. We believe that selling a plane should not be something that is avoided or dreaded. It should be quick, easy and should reward the seller with a good amount of cash. Above all it should be an enjoyable experience. The service that we have created does exactly that.

The inspiration for Virtual Airplane Broker was a result of the recognition of an industry-wide need. While working for a well known aircraft dealership and observing the challenges that airplane owners face while trying to determine what they should do with their planes, the company founders became increasingly disturbed. Individuals who own a plane and are not using it enough are faced with a dilemma. They are continuing to pay high expenses to keep their planes, they are receiving little or no benefit, yet there seems to be no good way for them to sell. Dealers want to buy them cheaply, brokers want to charge a high commission to sell them, and the thought of selling privately sounds like a lot of work. Sadly and all too often, owners tend to procrastinate the sale because the options are so limited. Unfortunately, the result is that things just get worse for the owners, costing them even more of their hard earned money.

Our staff has aviation related experience including 25 years of personal aircraft ownership, aircraft sales and sales management, aircraft purchasing, aircraft brokerage and fractional ownership. Additionally, our team is fully qualified in all areas of technology including web development and software engineering. Recognition of and industry problem, inspiration to create a solution, commitment to helping fellow aviators and the ability to implement twenty-first century technology have come together to give birth to this brand new, one of a kind service.

How Our Service Works

Virtual Airplane Broker helps owners sell their planes for maximum dollars with minimum time and effort. We offer our clients access to our complete aircraft marketing system that features state of the art software designed to guide the owner through the sale process. We also provide unlimited consultation with our aircraft sales experts. Our system is revolutionary, easy to use, inexpensive and results are guaranteed. Our clients enjoy all of the benefits of a "for sale by owner" without the associated work and challenges. Even though our aircraft sales system has complex features, it is simple to use. Virtual Airplane Broker requires only four steps that the owner follows in order to successfully sell his plane. Complete a survey about the plane, select an advertising package, respond to specific questions asked by qualified buyers, and finally be available to meet the buyer for the closing.

An aircraft owner can create an account by paying a one time account activation fee of $99. This allows access to all seller resources including unlimited consultation with one of our aviation specialists. The owner is then are able to enter data about their plane by completing a simple, step by step survey. He provides photos of the plane according to the online instructions. A request for a free market evaluation may be made at any time, provided the aircraft information has been completed. A qualified Virtual Airplane Broker agent will review the information about the plane and then contact the owner with a price suggestion. The owner sets the price and selects an advertising package which he will pay for upon activating the listing. He then agrees to the terms of our service and submits the information. The aircraft listing will now be sent for review and upon approval will be activated. A successful sale fee will charged to the account only when the plane sells.

Virtual Airplane Broker creates marketing materials including a customized, interactive website that will be used not only to provide details to prospective buyers, but will also allow qualified buyers to proceed with the purchase process. Ads will be created with each individual advertiser as selected by the owner. The aircraft owner will not be burdened by having to deal with multiple advertising sources. All features will continue to function until either the plane has been sold, or the owner decides remove it from the market and discontinue service.

With the marketing program functioning, the objective is to locate a qualified buyer. This is done by providing information to as many potential buyers as possible. Virtual Airplane Broker provides a complete lead management service including voice message management, progress tracking and activity notification. When a potential buyer inquires about the plane either by email or by phone, we respond, forward the message to the owner, and provide details of the plane to the buyer. The benefit of immediately directing potential buyers to additional information about the plane is that many of the questions they may have asked, will be answered before the owner even responds. This not only saves the owner time by not having to provide information by phone that can be delivered digitally, but it also moves the sale process forward substantially. The owner can have a much more relaxed conversation with the potential buyer. This highly increases the likelihood of a sale.

When a prospective buyer decides that he would like to proceed with the intent to purchase the plane, he does so by going to the aircraft website and choosing "Agree to Buy". Once this is selected, Virtual Airplane Broker enables the buyer to place a $1,000 deposit to hold the plane, and also generates the purchase agreement and necessary sale documents that can be printed by the seller. The deposit will be held and used to apply toward the "successful sale" fee when the sale is completed. The owner is notified that someone has agreed to buy his plane and it is time to move to the next phase of the sale process. If the transaction is not completed, the deposit will be refunded to the depositor.

The final phase involves logistics, schedules of both parties and the transfer of ownership. Virtual Airplane Broker sales assistants are experienced in what it takes to complete the sale and will be available to the client for any questions or concerns that may arise during this time. We will offer advice on how to handle pre-purchase inspections, and can help with finance, banking and insurance matters. Additionally, clients have access to all online information regarding this final phase. When transfer of ownership of the aircraft has been completed and the seller has been paid, the transaction is complete.

Using Virtual Airplane Broker allows the owner to receive full market value for his plane. He retains complete control at all times, is able to use the plane while it is for sale and can decide not to sell it at any time. Our complete marketing system makes the task easy. The costs are low and the services provided are great. There is absolutely no reason not to let Virtual Airplane Broker help with the sale of an airplane. There is nothing to lose and much to gain.

To Sell or Not to Sell

The decision to sell or not to sell your plane can be very difficult. There is no joy quite like being able to open a hangar door, pull your plane out and go somewhere. Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way. Retirement, kids in college, weddings and helping elderly parents are just a few of the issues that can stand between a pilot and time with his plane. Many times it just does not make sense to keep the plane because it isn't being flown enough. The costs however go on, hangar, annual inspection, insurance etc. In fact, the average cost to own a single engine airplane that is paid for and is not being flown is about $4,000 per year, a hefty sum if there is no benefit.

The most important thing to remember when considering the sale of your plane is to remove all emotions. It is a simple cost/benefit analysis. Begin by totaling up the money that you spent on the airplane over the last year and then divide it by the number of hours flown. This will give you a general hourly cost. Keep in mind that this is not the only consideration. Other factors include potential upcoming repairs that may be needed, further market decline and most of all, safety. Every pilot knows that currency is critical to flight safety and the less you fly, the less safe you are.

If after careful consideration you find that owning a plane makes sense, keep it, and be certain to make a commitment to flying often enough to keep your skills sharp. If you decide however that it does not makes sense, get started on the sale process right away. Delaying action only makes things worse because the cost of ownership continues. When all is said and done, only you can decide if selling your plane is the right choice for you.