How are you different than other aircraft brokers?

Virtual Airplane Broker LLC is different than a typical aircraft broker in many ways. The key difference comes down to doing what is best for the aircraft owner. Our "Virtual" service enables the owner to maintain possession of the aircraft so that it may be used and enjoyed while being for sale. Our sales system is unique and incorporates the technology of a customized interactive website combined with outstanding personal service that makes the sale process more efficient than any other companies provide. That is how we are able to sell your plane for more money and at the same time charge significantly lower fees.

How long am I obligated to use your services?

Unlike typical broker agreements that contain a six month exclusive right to sell provision, we do not have a minimum time of commitment. You can continue our services for as long as you want and can cancel at any time.

Who decides my asking price?

You set the price that you want for your plane. Once your account has been activated, you are entitled to receive a free market evaluation which we will provide upon your request. This is an opinion based on our market understanding that you may use to make your asking price decision.

How long does it take for you to sell my plane?

Currently, we are averaging 40 days to make the sale for our clients, however no one knows exactly how long it will take to sell a given airplane. There are numerous factors involved including popularity of the model, total time, engine time, equipment installed and condition. Ultimately, the more aggressive the price is with all other factors considered, the quicker the sale. This assumes that the marketing and sale strategy is the best it can be. With our service, you will not be burdened with proper marketing because we handle that for you.

What does the $99 activation fee give me?

The account activation fee gives you access to all of our system features and services. This includes a free market evaluation of your aircraft, use of our online tools to gather information about your plane, online information geared to maximizing results and unlimited consultation with our aviation professionals about any questions you may have. Once you decide to list your plane for sale, you will get all of our sales services as well including the customized interactive website, ad management, buyer screening, deposit collection, and sale paperwork preparation.

When do I owe a successful sale fee and how do I pay it?

We charge a successful sale fee of $2,000 on any aircraft that sells for a price of up to $200,000. For aircraft that sell for over $200,000, the fee is 2% of the final sale price. The successful sale fee is only charged when your plane sells, and is deducted from the deposit that the buyer has placed to hold the aircraft pending a pre-purchase inspection and acceptance. When the buyer arrives to pick up the plane and pay you, you will receive the balance owed which makes settling your account simple.

Are there any other costs I will have while selling my plane?

There are no other costs other than for the third party advertising that you will select when you are ready to list your plane for sale. The choices you will have Are packages that include top rated companies like Trade-A-Plane, Aircraft Shopper Online, The Controller and Barnstormers.

If I am not sure that I am ready to sell my plane, should I still have an account?

Yes. The resources you will have will be valuable because our service starts with the decision to sell or not. Our staff will be available to consult with you regarding your decision. You can begin gathering and inputting data and you will be eligible for the free market evaluation so that you will be ready when the time comes to sell. You will also be able to lock in our current price structure exempting you from any future price increases.

I am not very good with internet stuff. Can you still help me?

We are equipped to help everyone. Even if you are not computer savvy, our system will work for you. There are many ways that we can accomplish the objective if you need special help. Be sure to contact us so we can structure a plan for you.

I want to sell my plane immediately. Can you give me a cash offer for it?

Yes. If you are needing to sell your plane right now, we can give you a cash offer. Contact us for details.