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Glenn M. San Clemente, CA. Cessna 182

When I decided to sell my Cessna 182, I knew nothing of the process of selling an aircraft. I looked on the AOPA website and the internet to get some help, found Virtual Airplane Broker and decided to call them to find out about the process of selling an aircraft. I was connected to Keith, who told me the process and showed me how to sign up and get started. After I signed up I had many questions about the process. Keith was very patient and helped me with all my questions, including the valuation of my plane, paperwork and advertising. He always called me back in a timely fashion and was ready to answer any question I had. He has extensive knowledge of the aircraft sales business and worked with me through the entire process. He set up the advertising and screened prospective buyers. He was able to select only the buyers who had serious intent. He even helped me during the actual selling of the aircraft giving me advice during negotiations.

I would definitely recommend Virtual Airplane Broker if you have an aircraft for sale!

Norm P. Arlington, TX. Cessna 172S

I decided to try selling my plane with the help of an aircraft broker. After some research I chose Virtual Airplane Broker.

During the initial conversation, my concerns regarding uncertainty and doubt transitioned into confidence. I found Virtual Airplane Broker’s team to be professional, knowledgeable and experience in the business of selling aircraft.

It took some time and effort to get the needed information required to describe and promote my plane on the Virtual Airplane Broker site. They were very helpful and patient in assisting me to complete that task.

We received several offers within 48 hours of posting the advertising. That was nice but not the reason why I would recommend Virtual Airplane Broker. The value of a broker is the service provided. VAB was invaluable, very responsive, always helpful in the decision process, We had countless discussions through Text Message E-mails and phone conversations.

They listen and their advise was on target in every situation, but the price negotiations with prospective buyers were incredible. (its nice to know that you have a professional working for you in that phase of the sale).

Their expertise in closing the deal and managing other logistics to complete the transaction were flawless. I strongly recommend Virtual Airplane Broker for anyone interested in selling their plane and looking for a successful result.

Dan & Robbi B. Canyon Lake, TX. Piper Archer

Working with Virtual Airplane Broker has been a totally positive experience. Your understanding of our situation as well as your grasp of the used airplane market enabled us to sell our Piper Archer within a week's time. Not only that, but you simplified every step of the process so that we could deal with the important health issues here and not worry about creating ads, dealing with potential buyers or sales contracts. It is nice doing business with people offering a legitimate service for a realistic and fair price. As the movie states, " build it and they will come." It seems that this is already the case for you. Your friendly voice and caring manner endeared you to us. Dan and I feel lucky to have found you and wish you and your new business all the very best.

Jonathan W., MD North Saanich, BC. Beechcraft A36

My experience selling a significantly upgraded Beech A36 through VAB was as close to painless as any owner could hope for. Upon enrolment it took perhaps 20 minutes to upload photos and answer some basic questions about the plane. I opted for one of the most conservative advertising packages, and the plane sold over Christmas, some 7 months after first listing it.

VAB handled everything. During the process they advised me on the price point for listing the plane based on market comparisons and helped me tweak the asking price from time to time based on internet traffic volume as well as the number of enquiries received. They handled all enquires and in the end I personally communicated with only three prospective buyers - all of whom were eminently qualified to buy the plane. (No tire-kicking for me to deal with whatsoever!) I flew and enjoyed the airplane at my leisure throughout the sale process.

Once an offer was received, again VAB helped negotiate the terms, and reviewed the snag list produced from the pre-purchase inspection. As a Canadian selling to an American buyer it was extremely helpful to have someone experienced walk me through the process of exportation and an international sale.

In the end I pocketed more for the plane than what I had paid for it(!!) Had I hired a conventional broker and paid conventional fees I don’t believe that would have been the case.

Would I recommend VAB? Absolutely! - in fact I mentioned VAB to a friend while my plane was listed with them. He too hired VAB and sold his plane before I did! I don’t think you could possibly go wrong with Virtual Airplane Broker.

Hugh B. Gillette, WY. Beechcraft Duchess

After hearing about Virtual Airplane Broker from a friend of mine in Wyoming, I decided to call them and see about using their help to sell my Duchess.

Keith, my representative with Virtual Airplane Broker agreed to help me. We discussed pricing and strategy and then got to work. It was especially satisfying to derive the benefits of his and his company’s years of experience in buying and selling brought to bear on my aircraft for sale. He really knew how to cut through the confusion and protect my interests in a good solid sales transaction in the interests of both parties. And little did he know what an adventure the sale of Duchess N42RR would become. After Keith handled the initial contact with several potential buyers, a good prospect and I agreed on a price with Keith involved in nearly every step of the transaction. Then after a thorough pre purchase inspection, test flight, and agreed final price after minor haggling the day of the sale, the aircraft being sold was involved in a ground handling accident. Keith was there every step of the way encouraging, offering good counsel, and helping me avoid costly mistakes as the insurance claim and sale were renegotiated and the process begun anew to complete the transaction of the sale 30 to 40 days later.

To make a long story short, I had already decided to engage virtual Airplane Broker for the purchase of the replacement aircraft using a 1031 exchange and because of the delay caused by the insurance claim, an even better aircraft was located and purchased than the one we had begun to negotiate the purchase of in the pipeline the day my for sale aircraft was damaged. The delay would prove very beneficial!

Keith was instrumental in the negotiations for the replacement Foxstar E55 Baron found during the insurance damage claim delay, and he helped me avoid several potential pitfalls and complete the purchase in a most satisfying and relatively quick period of time. He was right about the aircraft I purchased - it is definitely a keeper - and Keith was able to help me negotiate good purchase terms fair to myself and the seller.

Great job Guys! I’ll be sure to use Virtual Airplane Broker when the need to sell or buy again arises!

Fred McCoy Harrison, OH. Cessna 210

Thanks so much for selling my plane. From helping set the price point to handling all of the phone calls and taking the deposit to close the deal you certainly did what you advertised. In two months on the market, I only talked to one person,the buyer, one time and he picked up the plane the next day with check in hand. I literally saved thousands in commissions and sales cost. Virtual Airplane Broker is the interface between buyer and seller that the general aviation market needed. I'll recommend your services to all my pilot friends.

Charles T. Taylor, AR. Cessna 172

Thanks for working with me to sell my Cessna-172 it was sold the next day (wow) have tried sell before by myself no avail. The friendly way you handled the whole sale was extra good, will use your group again. a satisfied customer.

Larry H. Llano, CA. Vans RV7

I found Virtual Airplane Broker by accident while doing some online research to "possibly" sell my home-built airplane when this web address showed up: It asked a lot of the same questions I was asking myself at the time and while I'm skeptical of most things I read online I figured I had nothing to lose by calling the number.

I left my name and Keith called me back shortly there after, we spoke for about 20-25 minutes about the process, no pressure, very professional. He told me to check out their website at and call him back if I was interested. I called him the next day, and told him to sign me up. I went on their website, filled out the info on my plane, uploaded a few pictures and within 2 or 3 days my airplane was for sale with it's own website. Keith told me ahead of time that it took them on average about 40 days to sell a plane. He had a qualified buyer and my plane was sold in just over a month from our first conversation. I was very pleased with the level of service and support and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to sell their airplane but doesn't want the hassle, for not a lot of money.

Tosh M. Austin, TX. Vans RV4, RV6 & RV7

As the owner of a fleet of three RVs, I found myself doing far more maintaining than flying, and the time finally arrived when I had no choice but to reverse that ratio.

The first two tasks of evaluating the realistic market value of each airplane and deciding which of the three to keep took far more time than expected and resulted in nothing more than increasing my frustration with fleet ownership.

Then a friend told me about his experience selling his RV working with Virtual Airplane Broker, and he recommended their services without reservation.

I contacted VAB and told them I needed an unusual level of assistance outside of his normal dealings with clients and described the requirement to evaluate all three before deciding how to proceed.

They never blinked, and over the course of a few weeks, we worked together to do just that. With the decision made, they put two on the market, received a full-price offer on one within 12 hours of the ink going dry on the ads, and diligently remained on the job over a longer period to obtain a (revised) full price offer on the second airplane after suggesting that we lower the price to generate more interest.

From the first phone call to the last, VAB did everything they promised on time and with absolutely no hint of anything other than above-the-board, what-you-see-is-what-you-get dealings with me and the buyers.

If you need assistance in transferring ownership of an airplane in either direction, you cannot go wrong with the services of Virtual Airplane Broker. Call them to begin the process, and you’ll be glad you did.

Tom C. San Diego, CA. Cessna 182

I wanted to thank you for making the sale of my plane a pleasure not only with you but also with the buyer.

Dealing with a broker as well as the sale, has always been a challenge in the past sales of my planes. With you I felt as I was dealing with a friend and not a broker. You not only always looked for my best interest but you also brought interested serious buyers, while keeping everyone happy.

From the very beginning you have demonstrated your professionalism and your ability to be a high caliber broker. I was amazed when you brought a serious buyer within the first 4 days of you becoming the sale broker for my Cessna 182.

You are an amazing broker and although we have never met, you have become a friend. I hope that in the near future I will get a chance to meet you and to personally shake your hand and say "THANK YOU".

Please feel free to use me as a reference as I would be honored to tell others of the incredible job you did and the incredible person you are.

My best wishes to you always

Terry D. Brodheadsville, PA. Cessna 172

Calling Virtual Airplane Broker was the best decision I made in selling my airplane. They made the process quite simple while swiftly finding the right buyer. I couldn't have asked for an easier transaction at such a reasonable cost. I am confident you will find Virtual Airplane Broker to be not just professional but also a personable experience. Thank you VAB!

John T. Naples, FL. Piper Warrior

After having flow a Cherokee Warrior PA 28 151 for 10 years; My wife and I retired to Naples, FL; housing the plane in Michigan. Over the previous four years I attempted to sale the plane on my own, and consulting an airplane broker. I was unsuccessful for two reasons: # 1. Using my Circle of friends and word of mouth was not very effective: # 2. Airplane brokers Pay less than market value, and flip it for a profit.

In December of 2014, I received a call from Keith at Virtual Airplane Brokers inquiring if I had sold the plane? Keith explained the concept of VAB.

In March of 2015, Keith called and informed me of a qualified buyer in Michigan. The buyer worked for the FAA, and his office was located near the airport. Both the buyer and I are low time Pilots; he has 300 hours, me, close to 500 hours .During the negotiations, this Became critically important. I retained a qualified pilot in Michigan for the demo Flight. The demo pilot, normally flew a Piper Arrow 200hp, and was concerned with the RPM’S in the 151 warrior not being in the normal range. I didn’t feel qualified to address the issue; Keith came to my rescue. Keith, has 3000 hours and is a CFI; and has flow everything with a prop. He provided the buyer with a 43 page document showing the FAA engine performance ranges for the plane. The buyer was satisfied, the demo flight was a success. Through the entire process, Keith contacted me on a monthly basis, explaining each step of the way. VAB provided a print out of the complete accounting of the purchase price, and distribution of the funds. The finalizing of the sale was smooth as silk.

Virtual Airplane Brokers are professional, knowledgeable, and has a “awesome” concept for selling airplanes. I not only sold my plane in four months with VAB, after having tried on my own for four years….. but I now have a great new friend in General Aviation.

Drew B. Edgewater, FL. Vans RV9

We have had many attempts at selling our aircraft with only frustrating results, endless hours of answering questions, and in the end we still had the aircraft. We finally decided we needed help and found Virtual Airplane Broker. We quickly received a response when we requested a valuation of our aircraft which was provided with the listing. VAB researched a dozen of similar aircraft and gave us an informed idea of what each price point would do for us, and after the transaction was completed I realize he was spot on. After submitting pictures and describing the aircraft our job was complete. To my surprise we didn’t have to answer one phone call except the one where they explained that an owner has placed a deposit! As first time sellers of an aircraft the VAB team walked us through all the documents needed in the transaction and he even produced all the documents needed for the purchasers financing company. In my opinion I believe Virtual Airplane Broker provided an Awesome service for a more than fair, in addition to removing all the hassle and headache of selling an aircraft!!!

Shaw M. Corning, NY. Cessna 172

This is a story about selling a plane without professional help. It was 2013 when I really decided to sell my 1981 172P Cessna. I took on the task with one paid advertisement along with Craig's List, on the paid ad most of the contacts were brokers offering half of the current value. The people calling from craigslist were mostly new pilots and student pilots so I spent a significant amount of time on the phone. I ended up selling the plane to someone who my mechanic knew and referred me to. I had learned of Virtual Airplane Broker during the early part of the sale in which the airplane sold. I wish I knew of this program a lot earlier it would have saved me an enormous amount of grief. I showed the airplane to 23 different people, took a countless number of phone calls, and spent a lot of time researching the current value. My experience selling an airplane as an individual was a nightmare and I wouldn't do it or recommend anyone to do it. The plane sold on 1-29-15 which was a two year job for me. I highly recommend contacting VAB for help. You will be glad you did.

Sonny D. Bastrop, TX. Vans RV6

I’d been thinking about selling my airplane for quite a while due to lack of frequent use, but kept putting it off, not wanting to deal with the whole process. Buying and flying, sure, that’s always fun, but I was dreading the selling process. Everyone’s heard the term ‘tire kicker’, describing the uninformed buyer(s) inquiring about your airplane, asking questions such as “what’s the cruise speed on that 172 of yours”, or “I really like those two-seater RVs, but I’m 6’6”, will I fit?” (NO!). I just didn’t want to deal with it, period.

Anyway, in late 2014 I’d read an online article about a new service called Virtual Airplane Broker. I thought that if it worked as described, it would be the perfect solution for me, and well worth the modest brokerage fee. My only hesitation was going with a brand-new startup company, but that turned out to be a non-issue. Working with VAB actually allowed the selling process to be enjoyable rather than drudgery. In approximately six weeks, my airplane had sold at a fair price, and I had only spoken with one tire kicker, and then the buyer! No writing or placing of ads, returning multiple calls and emails (some of which are almost certain to be from uninformed or less-than-serious buyers), etc.

I’m genuinely pleased that I decided to use the Virtual Airplane Broker (VAB) service. I hope that VAB succeeds and stays in business, as this is the way to sell an airplane, IMO.

Juan H. Sylvania, GA. Cessna 172

My first order of business this year is thanking Virtual Airplane Broker for selling my Cessna 172M. The buyer, Jorge Artigas, drove up Sunday and we spent Monday and Tuesday disassembling the plane and securing it on a trailer for hauling it back to Florida, about an 8 hour drive. He sent me an email letting me know he had a safe and uneventful trip. Jorge and I have a lot in common and he is the right owner for this airplane, and just what I had hoped for.

I logged into Virtual Airplane Broker, it takes me to the Seller Portal, and I also went to the website home page. In either location I could not find where I could write a review, so I wrote one for you to post on your website as follows:

If you are serious about selling your airplane, then get serious and contact Virtual Airplane Broker. I had a Cessna 172M sitting and not flown in 6 years, had run an advertisement or two along the way but not spent the time to really push to sale. A couple of months ago I get a phone call from Garrett, with VAB offering to sale my airplane. I usually let the answering machine catch these type phone calls, but he said sale my airplane and I picked up. Pilots can be as bad as engineers when trying to convince them of something, and I’m both. Garrett began his pitch and I listen carefully thinking what is this going to cost me? When he told me, I was sold. My assigned representative, Keith called me later and walked me through the website to register my plane. Keith has been my main contact and 2 months later the plane was sold.

Virtual Airplane Broker (VAB) is a new concept for the aviation industry that brings the seller and buyer together on their terms, giving them both the best cost-effective advantages for selling and buying airplanes. My experience with VAB on a scale of 1 to 10 has been a solid 10+. Hardly a week went by that One of the team members didn't call. VAB process sent me only serious buyers. When I talked with prospective buyers and they began to negotiate on the price, I simply told them to talk with Keith, my broker. Keith handled everything; the advertising process with write up and photos, negotiations, set up and coordinating plane inspection, earnest money, paperwork, securing final payment, and anything else that came up.

Here is what you can expect with VAB; you will begin to build a relationship with Keith, your newfound friend for life, someone you will look forward to talking with when he calls, someone who is committed to helping you sale your airplane. Keith and his VAB team have years of diverse aviation experience and believe me when I tell you they are working for you. You will get that feeling through the entire process.

Thank you, VAB and your entire team for making this sale amazing easy.

Jack W. Baldwin Park, CA. Cessna 172

I certainly appreciate the way my airplane sale was handled. I had three good prospects the first week and the sale was finalized at my price within two weeks. You and your staff provided superior knowledge and service at every stage. Best of luck!

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